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in Davie, Florida - Understanding New Therapeutic and Integrative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis
MS Views and News
11.04.2017 10:50 am - 2:50 pm

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New Approaches to MS Treatment Options

MS Views and News has partnered with Memorial Neuroscience Institute
To invite you to join us for a day of learning:

Understanding New Therapeutic and Integrative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis


Come for a day of learning to see what Memorial Neuroscience Institute can do for you

This Educational Program will begin at 10:59am with opening remarks and acknowledgements followed by the information topics as showing below:

1st Guest Speaker - Madiley Broz, Psy.D. Neuropsychologist
To Discuss: The Cognitive Aspects of MS 20 minutes + Q&A 10 mins

2nd Guest Speaker - Meilani Mapa, M.D. Spasticity and Rehabilitation Specialist
Topic discussion: Spasticity & Movement 20 minutes + Q&A 10 mins

3rd Guest Speaker - Ashwin Mehta, M.D. Doctor of Integrative Medicine
To Discuss: Holistic & Integrative Therapies 20 minutes + Q&A 10 mins

4th Guest Speaker - Adnan M Subei, DO - Neuroimmunologist / Multiple Sclerosis Neurologist
Topic: NEW Disease Modifying Therapies 30 minutes + Q&A 20 mins

5th Guest Speaker - Jackson Cohen, M.D. - Interventional Pain Medicine Specialist
Topic: Pain Management 20 minutes + Q&A 10 mins


Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017
10:20am - Registration
10:59am - Program Begins
Complimentary Lunch served during presentations


Location: Signature Grand Catering Ctr
6900 State Road 84- Davie, Fl. 33317


R.S.V.P. Required
Register ONLINE at:
If you do not have internet, please call (888) 871-1664 - Ext 102
Program limited to The MS Patient plus (1) Guest
No children under the age of 16 unless the pediatric has MS

This Educational Program is supported by:
MEMORIAL Neuroscience Institute

Program provided by MS Views and News, a 501C3 not for profit organization
MS Views and News is MAKING an IMPACT on those affected by Multiple Sclerosis